Access Management

Access Management

Access Management

A crucial component of every organization’s overall security strategy is access management. Access management makes sure that only people with permission can access systems, resources, and sensitive data.

Why Access Management?

Globally, businesses are starting to accept their digital realities and give customers’ online experiences top priority. Customers’ brand loyalty and trust are determined by their digital experiences, which can expose users to an increasing variety of cyber dangers.

No matter how intricate or distinctive your environment or engagement is, your CIAM solution should be in line with your overarching customer experience goals.

In order to help enterprises create, manage, and regulate people and their access to resources, data, and applications, Identity Securite provides Access Management services.

Secure Customer Data

200+ identity experts constantly monitoring probable attacks

According to a recent survey, 55% of IT leaders firmly believe that CIAM should be their top priority. But only 29% work with executives and 28% with digital teams. To optimize uptime and prevent issues, CIAM experts carry out comprehensive testing and monitoring of the solution. The regularly updated pre-built application from Identity Securite supports a variety of contemporary identity federation protocols. For the protection of your clients, Identity Securite’s CIAM solution provides state-of-the-art identity management and access control. According to the report, 47% are combining the platforms that manage CIAM and external IAM. Although 41% said most consumers have MFA enabled, they do not offer it. Of these, 23% are looking into decentralized identity. Smooth Client Relationship An easy-to-use, streamlined customer experience across devices and touchpoints is given top priority by Simeio’s CIAM. Features that let you customize messaging, branding, and journey design.

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