IAM Consulting

IAM Consulting

IdentitySecurite offers comprehensive services, from IAM evaluation to strategy development and solution design to execution.

With an unmatched “service first” mentality, IdentitySecurite is a comprehensive provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that securely interact with any environment and technology. With experienced team who have managed many identities under their management, IdentitySecurite has a tried-and-true consulting methodology that guarantees system and information security, user-friendliness, and economy.

Actionable Advisory Assessment

Workforce Identity & Access Management (IAM) encompasses numerous aspects, making it one of the most intricate organisational tasks to do. IAM is omnipresent and applies to all kinds of entities, including non-human accounts (bots, systems, services, apps) and human accounts (workers, contractors, consultants, clients, patients, students, etc.). The risk of failure has increased to an unprecedented degree when it comes to creating, administering, and mitigating the authentication and authorization privileges of these accounts across the enterprise data centre and cloud. A method and plan that are precise, manageable, and transparent must be in place to reduce this risk. Here’s where Identity Securite really shines. We have been assisting our clients in the planning, development, and implementation of IAM solutions since 2016 and ensuring that they can achieve their operational objectives.

Actionable Roadmap

With the help of our Workforce IAM Actionable Advisory Assessment (AAA), your company will be able to identify and specify what needs to be implemented, receive assistance in creating a reference design, and receive a roadmap that can be realistically followed. It is a blueprint with an emphasis on an approachable, organised, and logical way to manage user identities and their access to information and services. The appropriate entities will have access to the right resources at the right times for the right reasons thanks to our roadmap.

We cover the following “core” components as part of the Workforce IAM Assessment in order to deliver this degree of assurance:

Identity Securite IAM Assessment Approach

"Programmes for identity and access management are only successful when they are supported by a solid strategy and roadmap derived from in-depth analysis."

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