IAM Quality Assurance Services

I AM Quality Assurance Services

Identity Securite Management Services

Gain access to a large team of engineers, architects, and managers that are responsible for proactive delivery and maintaining the dependability and continuity of your Imprivata Confirm ID® and OneSign® solutions.

Is this right for your organisation?

This is for people who have intricate IT and clinical workflows and require a wide range of services, including support for expansion and integration, upgrades, migrations, deployments, enrollment, and education courses.

Always-on resources

Get access to a variety of tools, community posts, software upgrades, and our ever-expanding knowledge base by visiting our online support site whenever you want.

Easy case management

In our support center, you can manage all of your problems and see a look into both open and closed cases. Send in support requests, update cases, and view our support engineers' most recent updates.

Why Security Strategy?

Processes that are actionable, quantifiable, and thoroughly documented characterize an advanced information security program. Identity Securite offers a proactive approach that can help firms manage risk while securing their surroundings by assisting in the development of security risk management strategies.

A focused plan to strengthen security and lower risk throughout the organization is provided via outcome-driven engagements, which also evaluate your present security posture.

The assessment’s goal is to offer guidance so that your security program can manage information risk in accordance with the organization’s tolerance for risk.

Key Benefits

Identity Securite employs a customized, cooperative strategy to develop and implement a plan aimed at guiding client environments toward a seamless, highly developed security footprint.

Current State Posture Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment

Regulatory and Legislative Compliance

Strategic Staffing & vCISO as a Service

Policy Governance Framework Analysis

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Streamlined Identity Environment Assessment